Investment property and the bright line test.

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With increases in the average house price increasing by 22.8 per cent from February 2020 to February 2021, the Government have introduced changes to the “bright-line test” in a bid to take the heat out of the residential property market. The changes look to discourage investors buying multiple properties and on-selling them for a healthy profit without paying tax on such profit.

The bright-line test provides the parameters to determine whether you are required to pay income tax on any profit made through an increase in value on a residential property on the sale of such property. The bright-line test was initially introduced by the National Party in 2015 as a tax on capital gains made from the sale of houses – other than the family home – bought and sold within a certain period. The bright-line period was 5 years, however as at 27 March 2021 the bright-line period has been extended to 10 years.


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NZ Budget 2021: An accountant’s take

The ‘Wellbeing Budget’ announced yesterday may have arrived in a pretty fancy looking folder, but the shine could be wearing off for small business owners.

On Thursday, Finance Minister Grant Robertson alighted on the steps of Parliament brandishing a glossy looking folder embossed with a map of New Zealand.

For small and medium businesses still struggling with border restrictions and high levels of uncertainty, what Robertson has dubbed the ‘Wellbeing Budget’ appears to overlook this economic powerhouse in favour of welfare benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable key measures and see how they stack up.


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  • JL Accounting provided encouragement, support, & a positive sense of “can do”

    "I am a clinical audiologist, not an accountant. When I decided to set up my own independent practice 3 years ago, three different people recommended JL Accounting. I had a meeting with Shelley Smith, one of the directors of this energetic and friendly accounting firm. Although I had been feeling anxious about the business side of things, Shelley gave me, in that initial meeting, practical and easy-to-understand advice about how to set up a company, and how to keep track of finances, including GST. She sent me everything I needed to set myself up, and once I had done this, was always there with prompt emailed advice (including GST reminders) whenever I needed it.

    JL Accounting later helped me to set up Xero online accounting, which those of you who use it will know, allows you to get on with doing your job, instead of spending hours doing bookkeeping and coding. Recently, the wonderful people at this firm have given me hands-on training with a more advanced level of Xero, which, now that my practice has grown, meets my needs even better than before.

    I wanted to do audiology, not accounting. I wanted a supportive firm that would explain things when I needed them to, but would otherwise efficiently take care of my accounting needs. JL Accounting not only did this, but also provided encouragement, support, and a positive sense of “can do”. I continue to be very happy with their service and level of client care."

    Jeanie Morrison-Low. MNZAS, NZiAud Kapiti Hearing Ltd, Raumati Beach.